It is our privilege to offer a site where trainers can have full-service assistance with their training event. Many professionals have the knowledge and skills to provide training but are too busy to handle all of the details associated with training events. Training is an excellent way for an experienced professional to earn extra money while sharing their expertise with others. Greenwood Lodge Events provides the opportunity for the professional to offer training without having to set up a website, handle payments, or deal with the training day details.

Greenwood Lodge Events provides:

  • Website registration
  • Payment through PayPal or check
  • Training site at Greenwood Lodge
  • Sign-in sheet
  • Staff to handle sign-in the day of training
  • Certificate of attendance and CEUs for each attendee
  • LCD projector and screen available

Trainer’s Responsibilities:

  • Apply for CEU’s, if applicable
  • Advertise the event in appropriate locations
  • Provide training

Trainers may also choose to handle the details and contract with Greenwood Lodge Events for the location. For further information and prices, contact: Ann Carlino (770)789-5520.

**DISCLAIMER: Greenwood Lodge Events assumes no responsibility for the content or quality of the content or quality of the presentation. This is the sole responsibility of the trainer.**